How to Start a Profitable Salesforce Consulting Business
(in a Pandemic)

Has the turbulent global economy forced you into thinking about working for yourself sooner than you expected? How can you leverage this moment and see opportunity amongst the grief and chaos?

Salesforce consulting businesses can create real value for our clients and ourselves as business owners. Yet it takes mental strength to optimistically forge ahead as an entrepreneur, while making pragmatic and strategic decisions that create and generate wealth in partnership with those we serve.

Using real life stories of years of profitable (and unprofitable!) business ownership, we’ll dive into strategic and practical tips to pricing, legal and financial structure, creating proposals, tools to manage your business, and defining your consulting focus.

You’ll walk away with an actionable checklist, advance warning of pitfalls to avoid, and the confidence to start or expand your consulting business.

This webinar is a virtual forum for the popular content presented at Witness Success 2019 and Florida Dreamin' 2019, expanded with content to address the unique moment we're facing globally.

30 minute webinar of actionable content.

I got this email from a webinar attendee last month:

"Megan! (I'm not yelling, I'm just so excited :) ) I've just finished your session and I found it extremely inspiring! I really enjoyed it! Thank you for your effort and taking the time to share your wisdom with us."

Megan Himan is a four-time awarded Salesforce MVP, and six-time certified Salesforce professional. She is CEO and principal of BrightStep Partners.

Her intention is to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs and help launch more diverse-owned (women, people of color, LGBTQ) businesses in the Salesforce economy.

Here is what you'll learn:

  • Curiosity about the Opportunities in the Current Moment
  • Common Pitfalls
  • Overcoming Emotional Hurdles
  • Pricing considerations
  • Legal and Financial Setup Options
  • How to Create a Proposal
  • Software Tool Options
  • Ways to extend your Reach and Expertise

Presented by

Megan Himan
Salesforce MVP and CEO, BrightStep Partners

May 13, 2020
5:30pm Pacific Time

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